Apple Berry Crumble

Nic Salt by IVG is a new kind of Nicotine Salt for you. Nic Salt will deliver a much higher dose of...


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Nic Salt by IVG is a new kind of Nicotine Salt for you. Nic Salt will deliver a much higher dose of nicotine along with an exceptional throat hit. These salts work much more quickly to deliver a punch of nicotine into your system. Within a few seconds, your nicotine craving will be satisfied. A wide variety of nic salts are available in many strengths and flavours for you to try. Nic Salt City makes sure that there is a salt e-liquid available for every type of vape out there. This e-salt liquid in particular is Nic Salt by IVG. It covers 20mg and 10 mg bottles of Nic Salt by IVG.


Nic Salt by IVG is available in a range of flavours including Apple Berry Crumble, Apple Berry Crumble Salt Nic, Berry Medley, Blackberg, Blue Raspberry, Blueberg, Bubblegum Sweets, Cherry Waves, Cinnamon Blaze Chew, Citrus Lemonade, Cola Bottles, Cola Ice, Cola Ice Salt Nic, Red Aniseed, Riberry Lemonade, Riberry Lemonade E-liquid, Silver Tobacco, Spearmint Sweets, Straight N Cut Tobacco, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Watermelon Chew, Summer Blaze, Tropical Berry Chew, Tropical Ice Blast and Tropical Ice Blast Nic Salt.

This particular Apple Berry Crumble e-liquid by Nic Salt by IVG is a mix of delicious slushies and helps in giving you a fruity throat hit in no time. The Berry Medley e-liquid by Nic Salt by IVGis your go-to slushie for a quick throat hit. Straight N Cut Tobacco e-liquid by Nic Salt by IVG is an authentic taste with a refreshing fizz. Nasty Juice salts accompany a VG: PG proportion of 50:50. They are accessible in a decision of 20mg (2%) or 10mg (1%) of nicotine.


Nic Salt by IVG is available with a nicotine dosage of 10mg and 20mg; with its considerably low qualities conveying a gentle throat hit instead of a coarser vibe for higher quantities. Including an 80% VG proportion, We are well known for making our products with an intense taste.

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  • These e-liquids are strictly prohibited for children under 18 years
  • Keep your electronic smoking device locked away at all times
  • If E-liquid is swallowed, seek full medical advice immediately
  • Nicotine can cause very serious harm to both man and the environment
  • Place your devices in a safe environment and away from children’s reach
  • It should be locked and kept away from children and pets at all times