Apple & Grape Blast

Nicotine Salts like Nic Salt by Doozy is a new form of e-liquid. It gives a higher amount of nicotine with a...


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Nicotine Salts like Nic Salt by Doozy is a new form of e-liquid. It gives a higher amount of nicotine with a super-smooth throat hit. Nicotine Salts work quicker to deliver nicotine to your system. Within seconds your nicotine cravings get satisfied. Nic salts are a better option if you are trying to quit the poisonous habit of smoking and want to cut back on your nicotine intake. Nic salts are made by extracting the true flavours from leaves and fruits and have comparatively lesser nicotine concentration and milder effects than cigarettes. And an advantage is that you get an amazing exhaling experience with dense fumes and fresh flavour at every exhale. So make your switch to Nic Salts now. 

DOOZY NIC salt flavours

Nic Salt by Doozy is available in a range of flavours including Apple & Grape Blast, Apple Mango Nic Salt, Apple Mango, Caramel Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco Ice, Fiji, Tropix, Fizzy Lemon, Frozen Berries, Hawaii, Tropix, Lemon Berry Pie, Malibu, Tropix, Nic Salt By Doozy, Pink Haze, Rio, Tropix, Tahiti, Tropix, Tropical Slush, Vanilla Custard and Vimto Crush.

Apple Mango e-liquid by Nic Salt by Doozy is a sweet mix of delicious slushies and gives a fruity throat hit. Caramel Tobacco Ice e-liquid by Nic Salt by Doozy is your childhood favourite slushy but with some fizz to really kick start your palette.  Lemon Berry Pie e-liquid by Nic Salt by Doozy is an authentic taste with a refreshing fizz. Nasty Juice salts accompany a VG: PG proportion of 50:50. They are accessible in a decision of 20mg (2%) or 10mg (1%) of nicotine.

Doozy Nic salts concentrations

Nic Salt by Doozy is accessible with nicotine qualities of 10mg and 20mg; lower qualities conveying a gentler throat hit rather than a coarser vibe for higher qualities. Including an 80% VG proportion, this e-liquid offers amazing exhale circulation without compromising on flavour. Nic Salt by Doozy e-liquids is blended and packaged in the UK, focusing on sweet preferences and fruity flavour notes. Nic Salt by Doozy is a famous UK maker known for valid organic product mixes with an intense taste.

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